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We offer a range of Internet connectivity solutions, from ADSL & Fibre Broadband to Dedicated Leased Lines and MPLS networks.

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If fibre broadband is unavailable in your area, ADSL+2 would be the next best solution. Whilst not as fast as Fibre it is still reliable and it can support 4-6 continuous VoIP calls, depending on what speeds are available.


Fibre-to-the-cabinet coverage across the UK and Ireland is increasing all the time, with customers benefiting greatly from the increased speeds available. With these higher speeds you can expect faster data transfer rates and support for up to 30 simultaneous VoIP calls.


Fire-to-the-premises is a full fibre link between your premises and the exchange. Typically this service will provide better speeds that FTTC, both up and down, as it’s an end-to-end fibre link. The costs are higher but sit in between FTTC and dedicated leased lines.

Leased Lines

A leased line is your own dedicated, private link to the Internet. Customers using dedicated leased lines enjoy fully synchronous (same upload/download) data rates and a comprehensive SLA.


Multi-Protocol Label Switching allows you to connect your geographically diverse sites through a reliable and secure private network. Ideal for organisations with multiple sites and remote workers, it's perfect for businesses that need a secure way to connect sites with high-volume data transfer.

Satellite and 3G/4G

Generally, due to the poor latency, we only use Satellite were the client has no access to a faster fixed line solution. 3G & 4G offers excellent speeds and are in the mix when we look at what a client may need. Both services can act as good failover solutions.

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A Selection of our Connectivity Clients

Internet Connectivity

Multi-site - Leased lines - Equipment - Support

Internet Connectivity & Email

Multi-site - MPLS - FTTC - Email - Equipment - Support

Internet Connectivity & Email

Multi-site - Leased Line - FTTC - Email - Equipment - Support

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