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Going Paperless

Any thriving business generates paperwork. But too much paper can weigh you down and cost you money, beyond just the price of paper.

According to a recent YouGov survey, UK SMES spend more than £42 million per day in revenues just looking for documents.

Output Digital can help you reduce these costs, create a faster workflow and change your business culture, by stepping into a paperless workspace.

7 Benefits Of A Paperless Business

  1. Storage.
    Going paperless improves your storage by replacing filing cabinets with an organised digital file management system that has unlimited space.
  2. Auditing.
    The ability to store documents forever helps you adhere to business guidelines on compliance and data protection.
  3. Streamlining.
    Digital document storage with instant access to information can simplify and speed up many of your business processes.
  4. Business Relationships.
    Fast electronic communication can improve your business relationships.
  5. Security.
    It allows you to make documents more secure by having back-ups and the ability to enable password protected access.
  6. Customer Service.
    A paperless office with fast instant access to information can improve your customer service and response times.
  7. Return on Investment.
    With less time spent creating and looking for paperwork, you can increase productivity and allocate more resources to business development.

What Output Digital Can Do For You

If you think you could benefit from a paperless office, Output Digital can provide digital solution.

System Evaluation

We will carry out a thorough evaluation of your current systems to find opportunities for digital migration.

Phased Approach

We create a custom infrastructure which enable you to phase out paper-based processes in way that suits you.

Digitised Systems

We can create digitised systems such as Intranet, online ordering and client portals, which will modernise how you do business.

Case Studies

From complex software to high-end websites, we've got the experience.

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