5 Reasons to Integrate Sage with Your E-commerce Website

Ranked in Computer World UK’s Top 10 best accounting management software packages for small businesses, Sage has long been a stalwart in company HQs, but have you integrated Sage with your e-commerce website?

Sage software products make it easier to run your business effectively. Their solutions take the headache out of managing your core business operations, HR, finance, and marketing functions. And if you’re an e-commerce website owner, a sage integration can wipe out a lot of complex or time consuming processes all in one go too.

It's not uncommon for businesses to operate multiple software solutions for different needs. Many have been bolted on at different stages as the business has grown but these systems don't always talk to each other effectively or provide you with the information you need in real time.

If your stock control data is housed separate to your product catalogue, for example, this can create a lot of additional admin work and manual data input to keep both systems up to date. Sage website integrations provide a company with greater functionality in terms of accessing and controlling the data relating to their day to day operations in real time.

1. Reduce Admin Time & Errors

By hosting all of your data on the relevant Sage packages and integrating these systems with your website, all can be automatically updated in one go without excessive manpower. Saving time means saving money. Automating processes will also eliminate human error that will inevitably happen at some stage if data is being manually input by a worker who is tired, distracted, lacks attention to detail or simply hits the wrong key during data input.

2. Maintain Up-to-date Customer Database

When new customers register for an account on your web store, the information is transmitted directly to the Customer Relationship Management system on Sage. Customers can log-in to their online accounts via your website to access and update their information as required and the relevant Sage systems will also be updated. The business owner can then extract up-to-date data at any time for analysis and reporting.

3. Better Invoicing & Credit Control

Companies can send invoices to their customers and take payments online using various online payment systems such as Stripe, Realex and Sage Pay. This gives customers more choice and the credit value will automatically be passed back to their Sage accounts package. They can also send statements as reminders about unpaid bills or to confirm receipt of a payment. Automating these processes minimises the admin time spent on credit control and enables you to keep track of your finances in real time.

4. Real Time Stock Management & Pricing Information

During certain times of year, special offer prices will be applied to products or an advertising campaign may be launched causing stock to fly out the door much quicker than usual. By integrating your e-commerce website and Sage, you won't have to worry about giving a customer the wrong information over the phone or taking a payment for a product that is now 'Out of Stock'. You can also create triggers to remind you to order more stock when it reaches a certain level.

5. Manage Communications & Minimise Emails

Customers can place their orders online, make edits, request new services, keep track of dispatch and delivery information, and access their invoices and account balance information without having to spend a long time waiting on the end of a phone for someone to check and provide them with this information. This reduces the email and paper trail and tends to result in happier and better informed customers.

Sage website integrations can be delivered on any version of Sage, with Sage 50 and Sage 500 integrations being common, and indeed web integrations with various other software solutions too.

Our Trade Moulding Case Study is a recent example of a bespoke online ordering system which integrates seamlessly with their Sage applications.

To take your business to the next level with software integrations, contact us and we’d be happy to help.

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