Output Digital Win National Lottery Good Causes Website Contract

The Output Digital team recently won a contract to manage the design and development of the National Lottery Good Causes website, www.lotterygoodcauses.org.uk - an online resource for funding applicants and recipients.

The site enables users to keep up to date with funding opportunities and share their stories of how funding received has benefitted people in their local communities.

Managing Director, Alan Brown said:

"We were faced with some tough competition from other digital and software development teams across GB and are thrilled that the National Lottery Good Causes team liked our ideas enough to appoint us as their digital partner to help them to develop and grow the site.

Over the last few months we've been working on a number of new features and improvements to the website and have quickly developed an excellent working relationship with Michael Thompson, Head of Media and Deputy Director, and his team. We're really looking forward to developing this relationship further and to enhancing the online offering of the site for its users."

The following facts will give you an insight into the work of the National Lottery Good Causes team and how the website is being utilised to meet the needs of its online community.

£14,874,529 is raised on average each week for Good Causes based on National Lottery Sales for the financial year 2016/17. Since 1994, this has enabled the National Lottery Good Causes initiative to distribute more than £36m and make a real difference to lives and communities right across the UK. Over 500,000 arts, sports, heritage, charity, voluntary, health, education and environmental sector projects have received funding to date.

The website provides details of the 12 funding distributors per region (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Outside UK) enabling applicants to access information from their local funding body.

Potential applicants can view funding opportunities and eligibility criteria via the online Funding Finder tool. There are currently 54 live funding programmes, and details on each are provided on the website.

Information on the annual National Lottery Awards is presented. This enables successful applicants to gain recognition for the success of their projects, once implemented. Award winners receive a £3,000 prize and star in a BBC One television show.

An online directory of projects illustrates how money from the National Lottery Good Causes initiative is being used across the UK at a national and local level. The site includes a postcode tool which enables website users to input their postcode to identify projects that have received funding in their local area.

In the sports sector, the National Lottery Good Causes initiative was one of the biggest funders of the London 2012 Olympics. Details, photos and videos illustrating how funding was used to support Olympic and Paralympic athletes can be viewed on the website. Other sporting projects funded which are featured include the Glasgow Commonwealth Games in 2014 and the 'Road to Rio' for the 2016 Olympic Games. Over 1,300 elite athletes benefit from National Lottery Funding, which provides them with a personal allowance to cover their living costs so that they can train full-time and benefit from world class coaching facilities and support staff.

The site's media centre allows users to read the latest press releases distributed and you can also find out how to play the National Lottery, and learn about its various gaming options.

Now that you're aware of the good work that the National Lottery Good Causes team do, you can have a guilt-free flutter, knowing that you have much to gain and little to lose as someone will benefit from your contribution!

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