Employee Intranet Portal

Development of a cutting edge intranet portal to improve internal communications for Devenish Nutrition.

Project Overview

Services Provided

System and integration planning, interface design, custom software development, active directory integration.

A Little About Devenish Nutrition

Devenish Nutrition is a leader in developing and offering nutritional solutions to livestock producers and owners of companion and leisure animals.

With 60 years experience, they are a global player in their sector and can count more than 350 users across six business, in eight locations worldwide.

As a business that is driven by integrity and customer satisfaction, Devenish Nutrition needed a proficient internal network that would help advance staff productivity, allowing them to dedicate more time and resources to client relationships.

Employee Intranet Portal

The Solution

Output Digital designed a custom employee intranet portal which enabled Devenish Nutrition to efficiently and securely share information between almost 400 personnel located at the company's various worldwide operational sites.

As well as inspiring better internal collaboration and helping improve their customer service offering, this innovative paperless system made considerable savings in terms of time and money.

Personnel Information

The system includes personnel information such as; staff profiles, department and contact information which is integrated with their Active Directory Network.

Distributing Relevant Information

Managers can initiate internal staff surveys company-wide via the intranet portal and share documents directly with a single user or group of users from a particular department or project team, in real time.

Document Circulation

Real time circulation of documents and data via the intranet portal reduces pressure on the company’s email exchange system and supports their Paperless Office goal.

Employee Intranet Portal

Up to Date, Relevant Information

Employees can read HR policies and information on job opportunities, products, latest news and upcoming events, as well as download market research documents and submit ideas to improve areas of the business.

Resources for Employees

The portal gives staff access to corporate documents such as business objectives and quality guidelines, marketing collateral such as company logos and brand guidelines, along with health, safety and environmental policies.

Built with the Future in Mind

It is adaptable and flexible, with new functions being added as the business grows.

Employee Intranet Portal

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